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Monday, August 27, 2012

Watch me chow down on good raw meat!

Gracie and I get very excited when our meal is a raw one.

About five times a week we get a raw meal.

We have either chicken backs or chicken necks since those are what we've been able to find here at our new place in Georgia that are hormone free and antibiotic free.

Mum cuts up our backs, then gets them ready. Then tells us to 'load up' (that's our cue to get in our crates where we eat our raw meals; easier to clean up that way (with vinegar and water, of course)) and then we wait for the good stuff!

See? This is just how excited we get!

Ahh....there is nothing better than chowin' down on a raw chicken back; some days it's backs and some days it chicken necks; Mum likes to surprise us!

And sometimes we get a treat, a raw chicken foot...great for added calcium and glucosamine to your diet!

What is your dog's favorite meaty part?

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