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Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's National Holistic Pet Day, a great day to learn more about how your dog can live more holistically!

Today is National Holistic Pet Day!

To commemorate this important day in the health and happiness of your dog (and other pets), we wanted to share a few ideas to help your dog have a more holistic life!

But first...what exactly is holistic? And what does it mean?

Many define holistic as a means of caring for and treating the whole being, while emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts, rather than the separation and analysis of its parts.

What that means to us and our lives is that Mum strives to create an environment, where every part of our lives as dogs - from playing, sleeping, resting, eating, drinking, care and everyday living - works together for our health and happiness.

That means that everything we do, touch, smell, eat, drink and come in contact with is as healthy as possible; taking preventative means to help us live a healthier, happier life through healthy eating and healthy living for the body; and creating a fun, happy, entertaining and engaging life for the mind.

Here are some tips that you can utilize to help your dog live a more holistic life:


One wise person once said, 'good food is wise medicine.' They are right! Just like for you, dogs need a plan of healthy eating, and it's one of the most important holistic paths you can practice with your dog. Learn more about healthier eating for your dog, and the variety of healthy eating choices available to help you determine what's right for your lifestyle and your dog.


Water is the basis of your dog's life. Did you know that a dog can loose all of its fat and half of its protein and survive, but only a 10% loss of body water causes serious illness? But not all water is created equal. There are dangers lurking in much of the water that dog's are exposed to - from flouride in tap water, to giardia in puddles and streams, to chemicals from farm run off and more. Learn how to keep your dog's water safer and healthier.

Play and exercise

An active mind is a healthy mind, and creates a healthier body. That goes for dogs too! Good exercise, combined with stimulating play time can help your dog be happier and healtier! Some new (and old) ideas to help provide a higher quality of life for your dog include taking a long walk or hike, creating great boredom busters for rainy, hot or too cold days, and learning new tricks, just to name a few! And select your dog's toys and gear with care, checking to be sure they are free of toxins and other unhealthy matter.

Outside Environment

If you're a dog, you love the great outdoors! Help your dog by making sure your dog's outside environment is safe and healthy; and free from unwanted chemicals and toxins. Learn how you can make your lawn and yard more organic and free from harmful chemicals. And while you're out and about in the world, take special precautions to avoid highly chemically treated  green areas, contaminated ponds and streams, and more.

Inside Environment

Our homes are where are dogs spend most of their time. Now's the time to take even more steps to make sure it's a healthy environment. Try these great green cleaning tips and recipes for floors, toilets, carpeting, and more. And next time you are thinking of new flooring check out what we recommend for the most eco-friendly and healthy flooring for your dog.


Preventative health care is another one of the most important things you can do for your green dog. Everything from a good annual checkups with blood work, to titers for checking vaccine immunity (instead of loading up on vaccines every year), to good weight management and looking at alternative healthcare options for your dog, like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and more. And when something just isn't right and you need to seek out professional veterinary advice, look for and support your local holistic veterinarian for help and advice for whatever your dog needs.

Remember, part of being holistic is having a positive and loving outlook on life; so get out there and celebrate this special day with your dog, you'll not only make their life more positive, but they'll return the favor in spades! Take a nice hike, a fun walk around the park, teach them a trick or two, or play a fun game together; and remember to always have fun with your best friend!

You can learn more about how to help your dog be greener and healthier in the Learn To Be Green section of our website, as well as sniff out pawsome healthy and green products from our Raise A Green Dog Partners (please support them, they help keep us bringing you the good green stuff!)

And don't furget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on updates, discussions, info, fun and more; to help your dog be the healthiest he or she can be!

Have a great National Holistic Pets Day! Go green, go holistic!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! We figure that since our dogs have such little bodies, it's even MORE important to make sure they live a clean life.


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