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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall is a great time to care for your green lawn!

Fall is a great time to care for your lawn. Why? It's cooler, there's still a bit of time for growing, and your lawn is preparing itself for the harsh winter and needs some help and protection.

So how do we spiffy up our lawn for Fall and help it get ready for the Winter season for a flourishing lawn in the Spring?

The first thing we do it wait for a nice rainfall, then get out there and pull some weeds that have infested our lawn over the Summer. We'll then mow at a 3" height, because a higher height of grass will help keep those weeds at bay.

We'll wait a day or so and then spray some good organic fertilizer. We like to use a spray fish emulsion because it instantly starts working and there aren't any granules to interest us pups.

Then Mum gets busy using an un-coated grass seed that's right for our climate and overseeds the lawn and spreads some in the bare spots. Then she makes sure the seeds are well watered in. Then, we sit back and wait for the magic to happen :)

Our lawns are one of the places us pups spend the most time. We play out there, we poo out there and we spend lots of time with our pals enjoying the great outdoors.

That's why it's so important to keep it safe, and keep it green in more way than one. Contrary to popular belief and advertising the dangerous lawn chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides that millions of people put on their lawns throughout the year are incredibly harmful to us dogs. Exposure to these chemicals have been linked to cancer in us pups, as well as other major illnesses. And they have harmful effects on the environment, too!

That's why keeping a green, safe and chemical free lawn is so important for pets and people. And it's not difficult to have an amazing lawn the green way. There are some pawsome companies with organic and safe products on the market that will help you have a green, lush, healthy and wonderful lawn without the use of harmful chemicals.

Read more about why having a safe lawn is so important for your pup - from our lawn care blog post talking about the potential dangers of commercial lawn chemicals from last Spring!

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