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Friday, September 4, 2009

Saving on that light bill!

Mum is always looking for ways to save on our electric bill and conserve energy. So she thought we should share in some of the responsibilities, and have fun at the same time!

We love learning new tricks. It keeps our minds and bodies active, so we don't 'get into stuff,' if you know what I mean. And we have lots of fun with our Mum, which is the best part.

So, the other day Mum taught Gracie how to turn off the light switch, so she could share in the eco-friendly responsibilities around our house. My sis is taller than I and can reach the switch, otherwise I'd be right in on the game, too.

It's a super easy trick to learn. Mum started with a couple of small pieces of tape on the wall, so Gracie would be interested. Once she was pawing the tape, Mum moved it up the wall until it was over the actual light switch. Very soon Gracie was turning off the light like a pro.

So here's a great trick you and your dog can enjoy, and help you conserve energy and save on your light bill too!

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