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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Natural teething solutions for your green puppy!

Awww....puppy teeth.

They are cute, but they are sharp. And just like little two leggers, puppies go through teething too!

Dogs have two sets of teeth. The first set are  28 baby teeth, which will eventually be replaced by 42 permanent adult teeth. Baby, or puppy teeth, begin to come in at about 2-3 weeks old. Adult teeth begin replacing the baby teeth at about 12 weeks old and then your dog will most probably have all their adult teeth at 5-6 months.

At the 12 week mark, take this time to be sure and look for puppy teeth around your home and save them like we did with YoYo, when he was a puppy! You'll be glad you did.

A natural reaction to a puppy feeling his/her teeth coming in, and sometimes the pain that comes with it, is to mouth. And that means mouth anything that's around, from toys, to chews, to beds, to crates, to chair legs, to even your arms, hands and fingers.

They can't help it, they really need to alleviate that discomfort and chew.

So how can you help your green puppy through the teething phase? Here are our top three natural remedies that have helped our new addition, Rach (pronounced Rock) feel better and deal more easily with teething pain and discomfort.
  • Find an old clean 100% cotton wash cloth, wet it thoroughly, ring it out lengthwise and put it in the refrigerator in a BPA free container. Give it to your puppy to chew on when chewing becomes an issue.
  • Freeze a small puppy Kong with a finger wipe of organic plain yogurt or organic plain peanut butter and provide your puppy with a cool froze treat to safely chew.
  • And our favorite tip...wet your finger (with water or a little organic plain yogurt) and reach in your dog's mouth to massage his/her gums. This not only alleviates discomfort, but begins the training process for your dog to trust you in caring for their teeth.

Not only will these tips save furniture legs, your arms and fingers, they will help your puppy develop their teeth appropriately, while helping with any discomfort from teething that they may have.

Happy teething!

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