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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Donations sought for rabies vaccine long-term duration immunity study in dogs.

Think about it....when you where young you received vaccines, right? But have you received any vaccines since that time?

Nope, not unless you are visiting a foreign country that may require a vaccine that you may not have had and the US doesn't require.

So why should our dogs get yearly vaccines? We believe they shouldn't. It's not only unnecessary, it's unhealthy and can potentially have very real health consequences for your dog.

If you are like us, you worry about over vaccinating your dog. That's why we follow Dr. Dodds' Vaccine Protocol for all of our dogs, which basically outlines two rounds of puppy shots, titers every three years, and then only following the law as your state requires for rabies vaccinations.

But do our dogs really need to be vaccinated against rabies so often? Does rabies immunity stay in our dog's bodies longer than believed and required by law? That's what the Rabies Challenge Fund, headed by Dr. Dodds, is seeking to discover and prove; so that it may be possible for laws to be changed and our dogs benefit with a healthier, happier life.

The Rabies Challenge Fund has just received the commitment from a USDA-approved facility to perform the first of the challenge phases of  their 5 and 7-year studies. This rabies research was undertaken to determine, by challenge, the vaccine’s long-term duration of immunity in dogs and to establish the world’s first canine rabies titer standard.

Fees for this first challenge, slated to begin later this year, will involve 15 of the study dogs and will cost $100,000. If successful, two subsequent challenges of 15 dogs each will be conducted in order to meet the USDA rabies vaccine licensing requirements.

These results, which will have been obtained using the same federal standard upon which all currently licensed rabies vaccines and rabies laws and regulations are based, should establish the scientific foundation upon which the legally required rabies booster intervals for dogs can be extended to 5 or 7 years.

Further, for the first time, their accumulated rabies titer data should permit incorporating clauses pertaining to rabies titers into the existing laws.

Currently, The Rabies Challenge Fund will need to raise an additional $24,847 to cover the challenge facility fees. They are asking for donors to maintain their generous levels of support through this critical challenge phase, so that the results to benefit all dogs can be available in early 2015.

For more information and to donate visit The Rabies Challenge Fund website.

Photo courtesy of Naval Surface Warriors

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