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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The 2013 Holiday Green Dog Gift Guide!

Throughout the year we are honored and grateful to work with some great companies who have the same mission as we do - to help dogs live a happier, healthier life while helping the environment!

Our Raise A Green Dog Partners are an amazing group of people who strive to bring to the pet market a wonderful array of toys, treats, beds, supplements, gear and more to help dogs be the very best they can be.

Today we wanted to share our top 10 dog products from our partner companies that will make every dog happy and healthier this holiday season!

So without further ado we bring you...

Raise A Green Dog's 2013 Holiday Green Dog Gift Guide

Toys - What dog doesn't love toys for the holidays! Toys are one of the top gift items for dogs this season and P.L.A.Y has a great selection of eco-friendly, healthier toys that are perfect for any dog. We all know that a tired dog, busy dog, thinking dog is a much happier dog and P.L.A.Y's new Wobble Ball fulfills that need! Just fill the toy with treats and let your dog get busy.

Grooming - Keeping your dog clean without harming your dog or the environment can be very easy with DERMagic's wonderful line of organic shampoo bars. From the Chamomile/Sage, Rosemary/Lavender and Peppermint/Tea Tree your dog will not only be smelling their best, but the ingredients is very mild to help nourish their skin rather than dry itout, and there are no added chemicals to harm your dog or the environment!

Treats - No doggie holiday stocking is complete without some healthy yums! Our recommendation this year is Clear Conscience Pet's Whole Lamb Trachea. These treats are perfect for any dog, not too crunchy, not too chewy, but just right; and can be broken up for treating more often with smaller pieces. These treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and ultra-low in carbohydrates, and an excellent natural source of chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen, the building blocks of joint health. All of the Clear Conscience Pet treats are
'Made in the US' and 'Sourced from the US' and adhered to all FDA human grade manufacturing practices. In addition, they partner with independent local natural food processors in the same regions as the ranchers from where they source to reduce their carbon pawprint.

Natural Remedies -The holidays can be a very stressful time for any dog. That's why Earth Heart created an amazing product to help dogs cope more effectively in stressful situations. Canine Calm, sprayed on your dog, on their bed, in the car during travel, or just add to a holiday bandanna during all the hectic festivities can help your dog be less stressful and enjoy the holidays just as much as you do! And oh the smell is so wonderful, you'll be calmer too! Canine Calm is available in a 2 oz bottle, or a 15 ml perfect for diffusers.

Clean Up - You may not think cleaning products make good holiday gifts, but they sure do if you are looking to have a healthier, greener home for the health of your dog! Proudly made in Michigan, Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner is cleaning made easy.  Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner is environmentally friendly, and cleans and disinfects along with killing odor on contact. And you can use it safely and healthily on anything from carpets, to upholster; hard surfaces and soft; in home, cars and kennels.

Pick Up - Keeping our environment free of dog waste is so important to the health of our dogs, humans and the environment. But picking up isn't always an easy task. Imagine you're out on a nice hike, you need to pick up the doo, you've brought along your biodegradable poo bags, but where do you put the used ones? Like us, you used to put them in your hiking bag after double bagging. But no more! Now there's Turdlebag, a wonderful bag that holds that used pick up bag (no matter how big your dog is) and seals it up until you can dispose of it properly. And the bag has a great dispenser area for all those ready-to-use biodegradable poo bags all at the ready and attached to your leash What a wonderful, environmentally friendly gift for your green dog and dog lover!

Food - When it comes to food for your green dog you have lots of options. One wonderful option we want to share if you are a kibble feeder is Earthborn Holistic! From large dog to small, young to adult, natural, to grain-free natural and even moist grain-free natural, Earthborn Holistic is one of the healthiest ready-made dog foods on the market. Made in the US, Earthborn Holistic's, goal is to produce delicious, natural food for your pet and create awareness about our environment, too. One of their sustainable efforts is UPC's for Trees. Collected UPC codes from product packages sent in from purchasers have helped Earthborn plan nearly 175,000 trees to nourish our planet. And they have a full page dedicated to helping educate consumers about how they can help the environment as well.

Fleas - Fleas, they are nasty things. Fleas are not only a pest, but they can be dangerous for dogs. From flea bites to worms, fleas have no place with our dogs or in our home. That's why Garden Delights developed their natural Herbal Flea Repellent Sachets and Flea Repellent Collars. These products both contain only Garden Delights naturally grown herbs (from their organic produce and herb farm in Brush Prairie, Washington) including lavender, pennyroyal, feverfew, rosemary and southernwood.

Beds - No dog should be without their own bed! However, when considering a dog bed, think about what it's made of and what's inside! Many of the pet beds on the market contain dangerous chemicals inside the stuffing and coated on the outside material of the bed. That's why we love Island Dog Design dog beds, as they are made with materials that are free of chemicals and fire retardants; and they keep their shape and support; making their dog beds and crate pads healthier alternatives for dogs and their people.

We hope you'll join us in supporting these great companies and small businesses who strive to help our dogs live a happier, healthier life! And thank you for supporting Raise A Green Dog this year!

Happy Holidays!

Intro (edited) photo courtesy of Joseph Vasquez.

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