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Monday, December 30, 2013

Start your dog's new year off right! Help them be more green and healthy.

It's a brand new year, and we want to wish you the best of years; filled with fun, happiness, greenness and health for both you and your dog!

The new year is a great time to start new habits to be more green, eco-friendly and healthy; especially for your dog! Let's get started on some great ideas of how you can have a healthier, happier pup and environment in 2014.

Remember, one small step can turn into a giant leap before you know it!

Schedule quality time with your dog. Get out there and enjoy a great hike, play individually in the yard, or participate in some of the great activities you can enjoy with your dog like agility, lure coursing, barn hunting, musical freestyle and more.

Obey the leash laws! When on your walks or hikes, follow the letter of the law and keep  your pup on a leash and away from other pups who may not enjoy the interaction, from two leggers that may not appreciate your dog sniffing around or jumping on them, and from unnecessarily killing wildlife.

Use environmentally friendly cleaning and household products for a healthier dog and environment. Your dog's home is their sanctuary, keep it free from dangerous chemicals and toxins by learning how you can take steps to clean the healthy, environmentally friendly way. RAGD has partnered with Go Green Dog Go who has a wonderful, healthy, safe cleaning product that would be perfect to try in 2014 - Green Dog All Surface Pet Cleaner!

Ditch those chemicals and use earth friendly products to help your lawn and garden thrive; and keep your dog safer and healthier! Learn how you can have a healthier, safer, organic lawn and garden. It's really a lot easier than you think and only takes tweaks to your current and normal routine.

Take the time to evaluate your dog's diet. If you feed kibble, visit Dog Food Advisor to be sure you are feeding them the healthiest, safest food you can. We like Earthborn Holistic who has been a RAGD Partner for several years. They are very highly rated with Dog Food Advisor and have great healthy ingredients and manufacturing processes. If you feed raw, be sure you are feeding antibiotic, hormone free meats, preferably organic. And, this year try branching out into other meats, and safe fruits and vegetables, to provide a wider variety of nutrition for your dog.

Take a look at your dog's bed. Is it healthy? Is it free from formaldehyde, and other material that's been treated with toxic chemicals? Is it eco-friendly and safe? If not, consider a new bed from RAGD Partners Island Dog Design and P.L.A.Y. These beds are much healthier and safer for your dog than many of the dog beds on the market, and you can even purchase a cover and fill it with your old towels, clothing, tshirts, blankets and more!

Got treats? Go healthy! Want to provide your dog with healthy, safe treats? Treats that are made and sourced in the US? Take a look at RAGD Partner Clean Conscience Pet who provides a wide variety of healthier treat options for your dog. And, take a little time each month and make your dog some amazingly easy, healthy and organic treats at home. We have lots of ideas on our Healthy Yums! Pinterest board.

Take a good look at your dog's toys. Are they safe? Do they contain lead or other dangerous chemicals and toxins? To find out, visit our post 'Is Your Tennis Ball Safe?' and learn how you can determine if your dog's toys pass the safe and healthy test. If you are looking for amazingly fun, eco-friendly and healthier toys, check out RAGD Partners P.L.A.Y and Go Green Dog Go and their variety of healthier, safer toy options for your dog.

It's winter and that means snow and ice! Before you grab that prolific consumer sidewalk and driveway de-icer that may be packed with dangerous chemicals, check out Safe Paw and feel confident that you aren't harming your dog or the environment!

Are you looking for some pawsome Do-It-Yourself projects for your dog? We've got 'em. Take the time to make some great items for your dog this year - from simple dog boots to keep those paws safe from harm, to easy to make coats to keep 'em warm, and great toy ideas that will entertain for hours! Visit our DIY Pinterest Board for lot of great ideas.

Do you like to read and learn, we do!? Visit your local library and bone up on some healthy reading for your dog. Your local library has an amazing array of books available from organic gardening and organic lawn care, to how to make your dog some great gear from simple coats to keep warm, to how to make raised dog feeders for healthier eating, homemade and safer toys and much more! You can also find great books on how to teach your dog tricks to help them be more well balanced, and clicker training for positive reinforcement training to help them learn the best ways to live with you.

How to combat the nasties the healthy way is one of the questions we get most at Raise A Green Dog. Check out our Ultimate Flea and Tick Guides to help you learn about the nasties and how to deal with them the most healthy, natural way possible for the health of your dog. You can also visit two of our RAGD Partners Earth Heart and Garden Delights for great products to help you on your dog's path to healthy.

Do you groom and bath your dog at home? Take them to your local, favorite groomer? Bone up on great information to help you better understand if the grooming products you, or your groomer, are using are safe; from shampoos to conditioners to wipes; make groom time a healthier, safer time for your dog. You can also check out RAGD Partners DERMagic and Organic Oscar for great products that are RAGD paw approved.

When you're out and about on your walks and hikes, be sure to take along your biodegradable poo bags! And if you are looking for a great product to put those 'used' bags, check out RAGD Partner Turdlebag for the easiest, safest way to keep it contained until you can dispose of it properly. When at home learn how you can dispose of your dog's doo the most environmentally and healthy way possible, via composting if you live in more remote areas and how to flush the doo if you are connected to your city's sewer treatment system.

Learn more about keeping your pet healthy, happy and reduce their carbon pawprint by subscribing to our Raise A Green Dog blog and our newsletter; and by becoming a fan on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We'd love to have you!

All three of us at Raise A Green Dog with you an amazing healthy, happy, fun, loving and green New Year, and we look forward to bringing you lots of great info and fun in 2014! ~ Leslie, Johann and Gracie


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