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Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY: Make dog paw cleaning mitts from old wash cloths!

Fall, winter, spring, matter what time of year dogs can get a little dirty and muddy when out in their yard or on a nice walk or hike.

To help keep that dirt off the paws and tracking into your home, we love the idea of keeping dog paw cleaning mitts hanging just inside the door for those quick clean ups and quick wipes!

We came across several directions on the internet for helping you make your own homemade dog paw cleaning mitts. From utilizing old towels to knitting using an absorbent yarn, there are several easy ways to make your own dog paw mitts.

Frugal Queen has great, simple instructions utilizing old towels to make a bath mitt, which would function perfectly well as a dog paw cleaning mitt. Find more simple instructions from SewToSpeak. You can also knit a dog paw cleaning mitt, that doubles as a wash mitt.

Just remember to try and utilize materials you already have around the house, like old wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels or old yarn. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of CraftyStylish and SewToSpeak.

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  1. That was really very very interesting. Thanks for sharing!!


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