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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY: Pawsome homemade dog seat cover!

It's fall and that means getting outdoors, enjoying a nice hike, having fun with the family.

But this time of year does bring dirt and mud on those great outdoor adventures. So how do you keep your car clean and save you time and money?

Make a pawsome dog car seat cover hammock for your back seat!

We came across a wonderful pattern and directions over at Ex-Scapes and wanted to share it with you.

Remember to utilize re-purposed materials when you can to make it more green. And we recommend making openings in the hammock for your dog's car seat harness to attach to your car's seat belt mechanism to keep them the safest they can be when traveling in a car.

Happy Fall Adventures!


  1. Pawsome indeed! I love the fabric.

  2. Nice covers and looks good too. Nice blog, great work. My mom also made sheets and covers for our dog Max. He is 2 years old pug. If possible i will upload pictures of it.

  3. Thanks! And Omar, feel free to upload any photos to our Facebook page!

  4. What a great idea and lovely looking dogs :o)


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