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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make a great little dog tee!

When it's cold outside like it is now, sometimes you just need a tee to keep you warm inside! And a tee is good for milder days for those pups who get chilled on their walks.

Check out this nice little Instructable, how to make a dog tee from repurposed children's clothing! Bet you could pick up a very nice little children's tee from your local Goodwill for just a buck or two, if you don't have any around the house.

Recycle Children's Clothes - More DIY How To Projects


  1. Nice idea every one recycle their kids cloths to do something like this ....

  2. You have read our minds. You can still purchase a tee or other cheap apparel on line. What about old socks for paw protection?

  3. When it comes to my pets I really recycle things into something very useful... believe it or not but my rabbit hutches was made up of scrap (from an old cabinet in the storage) and it is so amazing to see it being utilize and very useful.


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