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Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning CPR for your dog!

Over the years, we've read about many dogs who have been saved because their owners knew what to do when their dogs were choking and/or stopped breathing.

Just the other day we read about a by-stander that saved a pup after he was trapped and rescued from a home fire. This wonderful by-stander brought the pup back to life for his loving family!

Back in 2007, we read about our friend Tish and how she saved her dog Cruella with CPR. That story inspired us to make a Squidoo lens on the subject, because we thought it was so important to share.

So get reading! And, take the time to sign up with your local Red Cross and learn CPR for your never know when you may need it!


  1. Thank you for sharing this article. With two dogs, you would think I would have learned how to do this already.

    Angie @ Fetch

  2. Very helpful article. Thank you for reminding us that not only people need CPR.

  3. This is great to know and will share it with my mother, who has three dogs. She is certified in CPR, but does she know how to help her dogs?


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