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Friday, October 15, 2010

Today is Blog Action Day! A Day to Change the World!

I may be a dog, but even I know that dogs, just like humans, can have a positive and negative impact on our amazing Planet Earth.
Today is Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers from 125 different countries, in every corner of the Planet, come together to talk about water issues in our communities and around the World to bring awareness to the growing concerns about one of our most precious resources.

Water is a very important part of any dog's and human's life, it's our lifeblood. As we talked about in our blog post "Water, the basis of a dog's life" not all water is safe, and for some in the World it's scarce!

We wanted to share today our top 10 tips for helping to keep your water healthier, safer and available for you, your dog and for all of us!

So let's get started!

  • Go organic! Those chemicals many put on their lawns can be very dangerous for your dog and for you. So intead use organic fertilizers to healthy up your lawn, use all-natural means to battle pests and create an organic, healthy and safe lawn for your dog and for you and your family.
  • Purchase fruits, vegetables and meats from your local organic farmer and help to minimize the use of dangerous farm chemicals that are big polluters of our lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Pick up your dog's doo when out and about and dispose of it the most environmentally friendly way possible! This cuts down on the spread of unhealthy diseases that can be spread through puddles, creeks and streams, and saves on landfill use and leaching of the bad stuff into our water supply.
  • Purchase safe reusable water/beverage bottles when toting water for your dog and for yourself. It's not only healthier, but it saves on the contribution of disposed water bottles in our landfills. Best bests for reusable water bottles are made with stainless steel.
  • Utilize a water filter for your dog's water that filters out both dangerous chlorines and fluorides to help your dog be healthier.
  • Replace any plastic dog bowls that may leash dangerous chemicals into your dog's water with stainless steel bowls. And use vinegar/water to clean them regularly.
  • Keep your pup from drinking out of the garden hose, the combination of leaching plastic, chlorine and fluoride, and lead from brass fittings can be dangerous and unhealthy.
  • Get a filtered low flow bath/shower head for your dog's bathing area to save on water usage and filter out those dangerous water chemicals.
  • Utilize environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products, laundry detergents, non-chlorine stain removers and other items to keep your water cleaner in your community, and healthier and safer for your dog and for you.
  • Keep your pup from drinking out of, or swimming in, potentially harmful ponds, streams, rivers or puddles, it will keep them healthier and happier...just as a green dog should be.

This is just a start! We challenge you to take one step, one paw forward, in helping to positively effect the Planet, our Planet...our wonderful, wonderful Planet Earth!

Together, we really can change the World!!!


  1. Great tips as always, Johann. WIth winter coming on, though, I worry about stainless steel bowls. For those dogs who are fed and watered outside, a wet nose can stick to a cold bowl as surely as a schoolboy's tongue to a frozen lamppost. Any good alternatives for cold-weather use?
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  2. I recycle old (unused) dog water too. Before I rinse and refill my dogs' water bowls, I use the remaining water on my plants.

    You wrote about using environmentally friendly dog shampoos. I've always focused only on whether it helps a dog's coat. I own German Shepherds and they tend to have very dry, itchy skin. I'm going to hunt around on your site to see if I can find a shampoo that does both.

    Lincoln Kern
    German Shepherd Story Keeper


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