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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review: Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs

Lew Olson, PhD, author of the new book "Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs - The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals" was super kind to send us one of her books for our review not too long ago.

Being a green dog, I'm really concerned about the food I eat. Mum has always held the belief that whole foods, those that are unprocessed and in their natural form, have the highest nutritional value and are the most good for her. So it was only natural that she apply that philosophy to my diet as well, when she adopted me!

Since we travel a lot with agility and such, and find it very difficult when we are away to find raw foods without antibiotics and hormones, I eat a variety of foods, raw, cooked, and a little super-duper high quality kibble, with supplements to keep me in the best health and shape possible. So when Lew sent us her book, we were super excited, because it really supports our
philosophy too!

We've been reading the book on and off over the past weeks, and found that we're picking it up often as a resource. It's organized very well to help you understand the importance of nutrition, what foods are best, how to find the best foods, and even how to feed. We loved the section on 'recipes' for feeding raw, since when we first got into raw it was a bit daunting to know what to buy and what to feed. But Lew explains it very thoroughly in an easy to understand manner!

BTW - that's me chomping down on a raw organic chicken back that we get from a local farm that raises organic chicken, pork and beef and cut's it all up for us! Nom!

In the book Lew discusses canine nutritional needs and explains the research on how home-prepared foods, particularly raw foods, can meet pets' needs better than commercial, processed dog food. Very important stuff...especially with all the nasty new and recalls on processed foods over the past years!

But the best part is that Lew talks about how you can start with small steps to improve your dog's diet, and grow from there! And for those that think feeding raw is difficult, well, this book will make you think it's easy and you can do it too, because it is!

We highly recommend the book, so here are some resources on where to find it:

Dogwise Barnes and Noble

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  1. Very interesting book. I occaisonly used to buy dog food from the Natural pet pantry here, but stopped when they would not let me fill it in my own containers.. I suppose I could use their ziplock bags and wash them but jeeze just let me use my own glass freezer containers! I will be looking out for that book.


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