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Monday, November 30, 2009

Make it a green dog Christmas this year!

I love the's a great time to get together with friends, family, help those less fortunate, and of course there's the food!

Why not make your dog's Christmas more green this out the environment and make it more healthy for your dog?

To help, here are our top tips for making your dog's Christmas more green this year!

  • Make your pup a fabulous homemade Christmas stocking or festive jingle collar, from recycled items around your home.
  • Wrap your 'best friend's' gifts with reused and reusable materials, like paper sacks, and cut outs from old Christmas cards. Save what's left over and use again next year!
  • Purchase your tree from a tree farm and help save forests and unnecessary cutting, and recycle it after the holidays. Or consider getting a live tree and then plant it in your yard after use.
  • Make your own Christmas ornaments from recycled materials, string some popcorn and berries, add a solar powered wreath to your front door, use solar holiday lights for your outdoor decorating and purchase low energy LED lights to conserve. Or really get into it and make your dog a dog bone wreath!
  • Send your pup pals an e-card, rather than purchasing cards. Or make your own with items and photos of your pup.
  • Shop online and conserve energy.
  • Donate to your local shelter or rescue group and give back this Holiday season.
  • Keep your dog from unnecessarily killing wildlife while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Purchase gifts for your pup made with organic or recycled materials.
  • Feed and give your pup foods and treats that have organic or all natural ingredients for a longer, healthier life. Try out some Puppy Dog Egg Nog, or Holiday Peanut Butter Bites.
  • When getting ready for the holidays, use cleaning and other household products that are good for the environment and safe for you and your dog.
  • Buy gifts made closer to home, and help lower the energy costs of shipping goods.
  • Use environmentally friendly deicers on your drive and sidewalks - good for your pets and the environment.
  • Buy sustainable and durable products that don't have to be replaced so often.
  • Spend quality time with your pup teaching them tricks, like turning off the light when they leave the room, and putting items in the recycle bin.
  • Install a Doggie Dooley and recycle that pet waste, and when on the road use biodegradable poo bags when cleaning up the doo.
  • Buy products for your pup made out of all natural materials, like hemp dog collars and organic cotton clothing, and toys make from sustainable and organic fabrics.
  • Spend some time making some of your pups toys and goods - take an afternoon and turn those old socks or towels into a great tugging toy, or old blankets into bedding, or leftover material for a great dog bed!
  • Cook for your pup, for a healthier dog and a healthier environment.

From all of us at Raise A Green Dog - JoJo, Gracie, Wolfie, Wiggy and Mum, Leslie...we wish you and yours the Happiest of Holiday Seasons!

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  1. Johann, you're green? I love this. I'm in a hurry now, got to go on a walk with the family, but I'll come explore your green blog. I do want to thank you for your vote: thank you!



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