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Monday, August 10, 2009

We love deer antlers!

The other day the folks at Free Range Dog Chews sent us a sample of their Buckarooz natural deer antlers. And we gotta say, we love 'em!!!

According to the company, the deer antlers used in Buckarooz are renewable resources in nature. They come from U.S. free-range wild (not farm raised) white tail deer, mule deer and elk. And no deer were harmed in any way to obtain these treats.

Once the antlers fulfill their purpose for the animal, they fall off naturally and are gathered up and made into dog chews! Once these antlers are collected, (no processing is needed) they are cut to size and packaged.The new antlers then grow in their place with about one-half inch per day during the deer’s peak development.

The antlers have a covering that is rich in oxygen and calcium the deer have stored in their bones throughout the year, making them super healthy for us pups. The marrow-filled antlers are high in calcium and phosphorous and have smaller amounts of other natural minerals.

And they are very long lasting! Mine has lasted over a week so far, and it's still going strong. And Mum doesn't have to worry about any chips of the 'bone' coming off and hurting our insides, because the antlers when you get all that good saliva on it turns a bit mushy, which we loved.

These antlers contain no hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, steroids or preservatives are added to Buckarooz. And they go through thorough tests by an independent, third-party U.S. laboratory that uses APPMA- and FDA-approved methodology. The testing is complete to make sure that you have the safest treat for your dog, free from bacteria, chemicals and any contaminants! And all the Buckarooz antlers come from the US.

The Buckarooz come in packages ranging in size from regular (4-5 inches that retail for $6.79/package) to monster (10-12 inches that retail for $27.99/package), making them perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages.

You can visit and purchase from retail locations near you that carry Buckarooz or visit!

Happy chewing!

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  1. Wow, never would have thought of that as a chew toy. Glad it's healthy though!


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