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Friday, August 7, 2009

This stuff is amazing!!! Clean+Green

The nice folks at Clean+Green sent us a sampling of their super amazing cleaning products the other day.

I have to tell you, Mum has used a lot of green cleaners on our carpet and floors, but none have worked as well as Clean+Green. This one got out a stain that had been left by some workmen in our house for over four years. That's powerful!!!

Mum first used the Wood & Tile product, and got some spills off the floor in the kitchen. It got the stains right up, but the nice thing is that there wasn't any overpowering smell when spraying. Amazingly enough, there was hardly any smell at all! Love it.

So then she decided to use the Carpet & Upholstery product they sent. First she started on a spot where my kittie bro, Wiggy, had had one of his once a year hairballs. The remains of a stain had been there for a while, and the product got it right up. Nice!

Then Mum decided to give it the big test and try it out on the stain that had been on our carpet for four year. We had no idea what it was, but think it was grease based from some workman in our house, which are super difficult to get up.

Here are the results. First the stain, then voila, it was gone! Mum was very impressed, she had tried all kinds of green cleaners and her own green recipes on that spot many times over the years. Nothing she tried got it up except the Clean+Green. And again, barely any odors at all!

And the best part is this stuff is made of very safe and green ingredients. Here's the list from the Carpet & Upholstery spray: Cane sugar derivatives, proprietary botanical extracts and hydrated cellulose (cleaning agents), purified water and nitrogen propellant (non-flammable & eco friendly.) Very nice.

Here's a little more information:

They have several dog (and other pet) cleaning products for multiple uses including: Furniture Refresher, Carpet & Upholstery, Wood & Tile, Carpet Upholstery and a new De-Skunk Coat Cleaner. All their products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and are very safe for pets and the planet.

Each product is formulated for a specific purpose and can be used on carpet, rugs, wood floor, tile, cement, and all fabrics. They are also non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and have no harsh chemicals, no VOCs and no CFCs.

We want to thank Clean+Green for sending us the products. And we both of us want to share some with you!!!

So one week from tomorrow (Friday, August 14th) we will be giving away six (6) Clean+Green products of your choice to one lucky blog reader and winner!

All you have to do to enter our drawing is leave a comment on this blog post, with your name and email address (if you're shy about leaving your email in my comments, feel free to email me at with your name, and the name of the giveaway). By doing this you will be entered into the drawing and we'll have a way to get back in touch with you if you win :)

I personally will be selecting the winner, through my usual process, which is Mum puts all the entries on little white pieces of paper on the floor, then sends me to them to pick just one. I'll be picking the winner on Friday, August 14th, then we will let the folks at Clean+Green (and their parent company Sea-Yu) know who our winner is and they will be contacting the winner to select and send their new Clean+Green products. Oh, please note, US residents only please! (Apologies to my friends across the pond, and further north & south!)

So get your entries in, deadline is a week from today, August 13th, midnight, EST!


  1. Oh my gosh your carpet looks amazing!! The power of green, hehe! We would love to be entered in the competition :)

    xo Barkzilla & Paddy

  2. Count us in again!

  3. I hope I win! I only use "green" cleaning products around the house!

  4. This would be wonderful to win.
    I have 4 dogs and 1 cat.
    jswandrn @


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