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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doggone Green - an environmental guide for pets and their people!

Doggone Green... is a new book out by Cedar that is a great environmental guide for pets n' their people!

Does caring for the earth seem overwhelming? In her book, Cedar barks out actions "to unleash the power of paws to help people save the earth." Doggone Green is for pets ‘n their people. Funny, empowering and full of dog-eared wisdom, this book is sure to "snoop" open some minds. You will fall in love with the whimsy sketches of Cedar on the job. See how your "pack" can make a difference too. Join Cedar as a Doggone Green Crusader.

* Track your pets "eco-paw print" * Learn how to "green" your pet * Take a bite out of greenhouse gasses * Discover the links between personal health and the health of the earth.

Check it out!


  1. Johann,

    Cedar Dog here from Doggone Green.

    What kinds of things have you done to Go Green.!

    Tail Waggin' Love,

    Cedar Dog

  2. I just found your site and I love it! I really stepped up my green practises after adoping my one-eyed rescue dog. The guy has food and seasonal allergies and it's really helped him become a much healthy dog. It's also helped me recycle/reuse a lot of things around my house that I can't traditionally recycle. For example, I made a dog feeder from an old picture frame, toys from old blankets, and dog pillows and blankets from leftover fabric that was too big to toss but too small to make something for humans.

  3. Pawsome bloggie!! I gived you an award! See my bloggie abouts it.




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