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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

News: Just one more reason to have an organic lawn!

We posted this on my main blog, but it's just too important not to share it here!

Many of you know that we have an organic lawn. No unnatural fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides have ever been used on our property since we bought the land and built our house on it in 2000. And before we got the property it was idle farm land for about 15 years.

Why do we not use these 'chemicals'? Because we believe that those unnatural fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are very dangerous - not only to us pups and the kitties, but to my Mum, and children who visit, as well. Despite the non-use of these 'chemicals,' we have beautiful flowering plants, birds, bees, butterflies, and a lush green (mostly weed free) lawn.

Mum grew up in an organic environment. GrandMum was organic, before organic was cool. Mum ate organically grown veggies from GrandMum's garden all the time. And she turned the entire family into vegetarians when Mum was 16. So it's no surprise that my Mum has continued the practice - all that Scott's 4 step program is really foreign to her and really unnecessary.

Because of our 'green' belief, we started a blog devoted to ways in which you can help your pup go green and have a healthier, happier pup and environment. Check it out sometime. And be sure and read our post about keeping your lawn safe and green!

The other day on Raise A Green Dog, we posted about all natural lawn and garden care alternatives and the dangers that chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides pose for children and pets. We received a comment that we just had to share.

Melinda, at ElementsInTime, told us about what happened to her kittie, Raisin, after the vineyard behind their home was sprayed. It's a tail with a happy ending, luckily, but one that is incredibly important. Be sure and stop by and read her post - Don't Use Herbicides or Pesticides, ever!

And keep safe out there!

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