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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Make quick, easy dog boots to keep your dog's paws safe and comfy this winter!

Winter can be tough on dog's paws! With the cold snow forming those ouchy ice balls, to the toxic salt that cities and neighbors put down to melt the ice.

We've got a fun, easy, quick way for you to keep your dog's paws healthier and much more comfortable this winter! And if your dog gets a little injury on their paw (like I do sometimes), they come in very handy for that as well.

We came across a couple of sites that have really great and easy to make dog boot instructions that we wanted to share.

Check out Sew Your Own Winter Dog Boots from 'So you wannabee a Domestik Goddess.' We like this pattern and simple construction for some easy to make fleece dog boots from material you have lying around your home.

They are super simple with no fancy stuff to get in my way, no extra material to feel uncomfortable, just a simple fleece pull up boot.

Here's another very simple, easy to make set of instructions for another very basic pair of dog boots from UberPest.

Neither of these 'made in basic fleece' would do well on rough terrain, but they are great for a quick trip out in the snow, a quick potty break, or a short walk around the neighborhood in super cold temps and snow.

Here's to comfy paws!

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