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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to share your Thanksgiving dinner with your dog the healthy way!

If you are like us, dogs  hanging around the kitchen while preparing your Thanksgiving meal is a staple.

And who can resist those eyes!!!

What you may not know is that you can share parts of your Thanksgiving meal with your dog, if you do it safely and healthily. We're here to show you how!

Let's talk turkey.

Turkey is very common for most Thanksgiving meals. Did you know that you can share your turkey with your dog? First start with an organic turkey, free of antibiotics and hormones as it will be much more healthy for you and your dog.

Skip the seasoning while cooking your turkey. This way you can share with your dog in a more healthy manner and season later to taste for yourself if needed. Although we love the seasoning free taste of an organic turkey.

Stick with the white meat when feeding cooked turkey for your dog. It's healthier for them and lower in fat than the dark meat and skin. And remember everything in moderation!

One of our favorite things about Thanksgiving is raw turkey necks! When pulling out the turkey neck and giblets, be sure and save that wonderful raw turkey neck, it's a great treat to give to your dog (in raw form) and even a full meal for a small dog. Just be sure to watch your dog while eating to be extra safe.

Let's talk sweet potatoes!

I love sweet potatoes always in moderation of course. So when Mum bakes or boils sweet potatoes for mashing she always saves some for us, pre-seasoned of course. 

Another idea is to take some of those sweet potatoes and make some yummy sweet potato chews for your dog! They'll love the treats for days to come.

What about those cranberries?

If you are making cranberry sauce from scratch with organic cranberries you've got a nice treat for your dog. Save out a few of those organic cranberries and let your dog enjoy a nice treat! Cranberries are wonderful for urinary tract health for your dog, but remember, again, everything in moderation! We recommend just a few for a medium size dog on turkey day.

Carrots? You bet!

We love a small organic carrot or two on Thanksgiving. Mum likes to lightly steam them before she eats them and likes to share them with us before seasoning or adding a tad of butter. When carrots are lightly steamed they are much easier for us to digest!

Green Beans? The answer is yes!

Organic green beans are pretty much a staple at our house. So when Mum get's out the green beans we come running. One or two lightly steamed green beans are wonderful treats for your dog, so let them enjoy them in moderation!

Got pumpkin? You've got a treat!

If your dog has ever had an upset tummy, we bet your veterinarian has prescribed some canned pumpkin (not the pie filling, but pure organic pumpkin). A dab of pumpkin can be a wonderful treat for your dog. Not only will they love it, but it is super easy on the digestive system and is wonderfully safe for your dog.

Remember these tips!
  • Cooked bones are harmful to dogs. They could splinter and damage a dog's insides. So steer clear!
  • Raw bones are fine for dogs with supervision of course! Dog's love a good turkey neck.
  • Skip the turkey skin for your dog, as well as the dark meat, it's fattier and not as healthy for your dog.
  • Make sure to keep the onions and garlic from your dog, they can be harmful if ingested.
  • Skip the sugar and seasoning, and wait until you share the appropriate foods for your dogs before seasoning and sweetening.
  • Grapes can be a staple at the Thanksgiving table, but they can be toxic to dogs, so keep them out of harms reach.
  • Stick with our tips and your dog can enjoy Thanksgiving just as much as you!
YoYo, Rach and Gracie!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers...we are grateful for the time you spend with us!

Photo credits: Brian Black, Zach Beauvais, Seth Anderson, Ellie Attebery, Just Me

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  1. We always cook all meat plain so we can share. The guys always get the turkey breast. It helps that we all prefer the dark meat anyway :-)


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