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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Make your own homemade dog tug toy from repurposed clothing!

On the day after adopting Rach (the newest puppy host for Raise A Green Dog), I drove with friends to South Carolina to meet him and take him home.

It was a quick day trip, so when it was time to head home, I put a spare harness on him that I had with one of my favorite long-lasting leather leashes, and what did he do? He started tugging with the leather leash.

For those of you who do agility, you know how much we love tuggers. It's a great way to play and reward your dog for having fun with you while practicing and before/after competition. And whether you do agility or not, it's a wonderful way to have fun with your dog.

So now that I knew I had a tugger. I needed more tugs, and maybe even a leash tug to keep our leather leash for our upcoming hikes! So we did some searching online and found some great DIY ideas.

Here is of our favorites:
  1. Cut up old t-shirts, old sweatshirts, old jeans, or any fleece that you may have lying around. Cut in 4" wide strips.
  2. Gather them up and from about 1-2 inches from the end tie off one of the ends of your group of strips.
  3. Group your strips in threes and begin braiding, just as you would your own hair.
  4. Once you have completed braiding, just tie off the other end the same length from the end as your other end.
It's that easy!!! Here's one of the smaller tugs my dog YoYo received at a recent trial, made by the volunteers. Little brother, puppy Rach, loves this tug just as much as YoYo.

For further instructions.

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