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Sunday, October 26, 2014

8 last minute Halloween DIY costumes for dogs made from re-purposed items!

Halloween can be a fun time for pets if you make it stress-less and fun!

Some dogs love dressing up in costumes, others not so much. If you have a dog that enjoys socializing, dressing up, and having a great time, or you have a dog that doesn't like costumes very much, here are some last minute ideas to make a unique and fun Halloween costume for your dog!

Remember, try to re-use materials you have on hand to make your costume more green and eco-friendly!

Try this super easy and less cumbersome bat costume for dogs who aren't as fond of wearing costumes, it's cute, easy and fun!

Do you have a joker on your hands? Try this easy and cute court jester costume you can make from lots of re-purposed materials you have on hand.

Is your pup all business? Try this easy, cute and non-restricting suit for your'll suit them fine!

For party pups only! This cute pinata pup is no-sew, easy and fun! And you can customize to your liking!

If your dog isn't fond of wearing full costumes, here's a fun, simple, and great looking way to add a little fun costume without all the fuss. A little Doggie Couture.

Go punk! Here's a wonderful idea courtesy of Kathryn Dunlap. Just take a denim jacket, cut out the sleeves, add a little bandanna and a mohawk and your pup is stylin'!

If you've got a small dog this little lightening bug will like up your life. Created with simple items around your home.

Your dog will roar like a lion in this easy to make lion costume from our friends at Puppy in Training!

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