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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Raise A Green Dog book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

We are very excited to announce that you can now get the newly published Raise A Green Dog book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Not to be missed, this comprehensive book includes over 80 articles to help you learn how your dog can be more green and healthy. It covers a wealth of information including:

- Organic lawn care.
- Cleaning your home the healthy way.
- Great DIY homemade treat recipes.
- Exploring healthier food options.
- How you can combat ticks and fleas naturally.
- Instructions on building your own doggie doo composting system
- Wonderful DIY projects for your dog, including games and gear.
- And lots, lots more.

The best part is you can keep it handy and use as a reference at home and on the go, with our completely searchable function including in the book,

Want to know the healthiest dog shampoo to purchase? Do a search for shampoo.
Want to know what safer and healthier dog toys to buy? Do a quick search for toys.
Want to know the safest products to purchase to combat fleas and ticks? Search for fleas/ticks!

Well you get the idea....

When visiting Amazon and Barnes & Noble you can also view sample chapters to help you decide if our book is right for you. And you can see the full table of contents here.

We hope our book becomes a staple in your dog healthcare library! Just click on the logos below to see and purchase our book on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.


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