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Friday, February 28, 2014

National Pet Dental Health Month: Keep your dog's teeth healthy, strong and clean!

Today is the last day of February, can you believe it?

You may have heard that February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a great month to focus on keeping your dog's teeth healthy, strong and sparkling white.

Many folks talk about the importance of brushing your dog's teeth often, from every day to at least three times per week. And yes, we think that is very important if your dog eats a super high quality kibble, like we do sometimes.

But what keeps our teeth super healthy? Raw meaty bones. Yep, that's right....gnawing and chewing and grinding away at those chicken backs, chicken necks and chicken feet at least four days per week have kept all the plaque, tarter and yucky stuff that decays teeth away from us!

Many of the vets we visit never recommend a teeth cleaning for a matter of fact they say we have the teeth of a two year old, even though I'm almost 10 and Gracie is almost 9 years old now!

Here is one of the chicken backs (organs included) that Mum cuts up and divides for me and Gracie!
Here I am enjoying one of my raw breakfasts....yum! Mum says there is nothing better than the sound of me crunching away at all the bone and cartilage!
Oooooo....Mum! Raw chicken feet? Let me at it!

And here you can enjoy one of my vids enjoying that yummy chicken foot!

Remember, it's important if you feed raw that you do your research! We suggest visits to Dr. Karen Becker's blog and do a search for raw dog food to learn the ins and outs. In addition, you can visit Dog Food Advisor to learn about prepared raw dog foods; and for more information. And we believe if you do feed raw that you purchase organic, all-natural, hormone and anti-biotic free as not to add those nasty chemicals to your dog's diet.

How did we start on raw? One chicken neck at a time (since Gracie and I are somewhat smaller dogs). If you have a larger dog, starting on a turkey neck may be a good way to begin a raw journey.

If you don't feed raw, but feed a super high quality kibble, it is very important to brush your dog's teeth frequently. 

Here's to happy teeth for your dog!

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