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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome Turdlebag to the Raise A Green Dog pack!

If you're like me and Mum, taking walks in the woods or hiking on the wonderful mountains of north Georgia where we live, you face a little problem.

What do you do with the doo?

Usually on our hikes, Mum will take our strong biodegradable bags, scoop up our doo and add it to her backpack. Mum always dreads having our doo in her backpack for hours during our hikes.

Now there is a solution!

Today we welcome Turdlebag™ to the Raise A Green Dog Pack! What is Turdlebag? It's a tasteful solution to a not-so-tasteful problem: what to do with that stinky bag of dog poo!

With Turdlebag you not only have those great biodegradable bags at the ready, but you have a wonderful little bag that conveniently sits on your leash, or attaches to your backpack, belt or your dog's harness to stow away that steaming doo!

Turdlebag offers their bags in a three great colors (we like the purple!), and can be machine washed and dried if needed!

Turdlebag™. For the love of dogs and all they doo. Visit Turdlebag on their website to purchase, or you can find their wonderful product showcased on the Raise A Green Dog website!

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