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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun, stylish, unique homemade Halloween costumes for dogs!

Thanks to our friends at Martha Stewart, we wanted to share some great ideas of fun, unique, and stylish homemade Halloween costumes that you can make for your dog!

Remember to utilize reused, reclaimed or recycled fabrics whenever possible to make your 'pet project' as green as possible!

See some great ideas below, and be sure and read on for some wonderful Halloween safety tips to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy on the big day.

This Moth Dog Costume, modeled by Sharkey, is sure to wow the neighborhood. You could even modify it to be a glowing Luna Moth if you'd like!

One of my all time favorites it this Spider Dog costume modeled by Francesca. Can't you just see Spidey Francesca dogging Sharkey the moth?

This Doggie Dino will have your neighbors roaring with delight!

If your dog isn't fond of wearing full costumes, here's a fun, simple, and great looking way to add a little fun costume without all the fuss. A little Doggie Couture.

Even the kittie can get in on the Halloween fun, or you can modify this idea for your lovely doggie flower. 

Here's Sharkey again modeling a really fun wig made from only from wool felt!

And her's a really fun and illuminating Porcupine costume!

Dog Halloween Safety Tips

When having your dog part of your Halloween festivities, remember these important things:

Always make it fun for your dog! Not all dogs enjoy wearing costumes and that's OK! Maybe only adding some illumination to their collar and leash, or adding some embellishment to their collar will help them enjoy the holiday activities just as much as you.

Practice safety when greeting trick-or-treaters! Keep a leash handy and on your dog when answering the door. You never know when a costume may scare or alert your dog and you want to keep them as safe as possible with frequently opening doors.

Watch the candy! Much of the candy you will be handing out to your guests will be bad for dogs, especially chocolate and candy that contains artificial sweeteners. So keep the candy out of reach of your dogs.

Keep an eye on the decorations! Decorative pumpkins, lights, decorated corn and other decorations may be harmful for your dog. So keep an eye out and keep their mouths out of danger.

Tag 'em! When you least expect it is when things happen. Keep an id on your dog's collar just in case something happens, so they have a much better chance of making it back home to you. 

Remember: Halloween can be a scary time for dogs...all the kids, all the costumes, all the door bell ringing. Keep your dog safe and help them get used to these type of situations well before the big day. 

And don't forget to provide a wonderful, healthy treat for them too!

All homemade costume ideas provided by To see more dog related Halloween ideas visit their site!

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  1. With all of these costume tips, it's nice that you also reminded everyone about safety. It would be terrible if a dog ran out into the night without a unique dog collar to help find it!


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