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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keep your dog safe while traveling this holiday weekend!

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching and many dog loving families will be hitting the road for that last great weekend heading into Fall.

We wanted to share an important safety tip to keep your dog safe in the car while traveling. Just as humans need to buckle up, dogs need to be safely secured while in the car, as well.

We know first hand how important it is to keep your dog safe while traveling. In July 2007,
while coming back from a dog agility trial, Johann, Gracie and I were involved in a dangerous accident. My two dogs, and I, were safely secured so, we only suffered some bumps and bruises, even though our car was completely disabled.

There are four very important reasons why dogs should be secured in the car, including:
  • Your pup could distract you and cause an accident.
  • If you were involved in an accident, your pup could escape from the car and become lost.
  • They could be seriously injured or needlessly die if loose in your vehicle.
  • Other equipment or items in your car can injure your pup in just a slight fender bender.
What are the options for keeping your dog safe? Basically there are three safe options:
  • Utilizing a high quality, tested dog seat belt harness,
  • Securing your dog in a high quality crate,
  • And for small dogs, a safely secured and well tested car seat may be an option.
You can view and read more about options for dog car safety on this Squidoo lens.

Have fun and be safe this upcoming Labor Day weekend!

Photo courtesy of Variocage.

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