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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's time to get your National Park on and enjoy the great outdoors with your dog!

Next week is National Park Week!

Starting Saturday and continuing all next week, April 21-29, all 397 of your national parks offer free admission, all week long!

Our national parks are a great place to enjoy a fun day with your dog out in the fresh Spring air!

Here are a few important tips and bits of info:
  • Find a National Park near you.
  • Make sure that your local national park allows dogs. Click on the park near you from the map link above and click on 'plan your visit' and 'pets' to see if dogs are allowed. (Sadly, some National Parks do not allow dogs :(.
  • Be sure and follow the guidelines set out for dogs in your park. Most require dogs on 6' leash, under control, and be sure and pick up the doo to keep our Parks clean and environmentally friendly!
To learn more about hiking comfortably with your dog, read our blog post on how we hike the green dog way!

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