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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update: Take our 'I Will If You Will' challenge for Earth Hour and help dogs devastated by the tornado outbreak in Southern Indiana!

On March 2nd of this year, tornadoes ripped through many areas of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky leaving a path of destruction in 11 counties.

Even though I now live in NE Georgia, I was born in Indiana and it's where we lived when my Mum adopted me. So we have a lot of friends there and this tragedy really hit very close to home for us.

The area has been devastated by the destruction with many families now homeless and struggling financially. In addition, many dogs, and other pets and animals, were lost during the storms.

The Southern Indiana Animal Rescue is one of the organizations networking with other animal shelters and rescue organizations to help lost pets get back with their families. In addition, they are also helping pet loving families with veterinary care, pet food and other supply donations to help them keep their beloved pets with them as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Our "I Will If You Will" Earth Hour challenge will help those affected by this disaster and we hope you will help!

If 100 dogs commit to learning how to turn off the lights for Earth Hour, the great folks at Castor Pollux Pet Works will donate 1000 meals to the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue to help the dogs and dog families with healthy food as they struggle to recover.

Earth Hour is a global grass-roots movement encouraging individuals, businesses and governments around the world to take positive actions for the environment, and celebrate their commitment to the planet by switching off their lights for one designated hour.

So here's my challenge to you!

Helping your dog learn to turn off the lights is really a lot easier than you think! And you don't have to make a big commitment, just take the challenge and do the best you and your dog can do while having a really fun time together!! Here are a couple of videos that may give you some ideas of fun ways you can help your dog learn to turn off the lights:

How to teach your dog to turn off a floor lamp switch.

How to teach your dog to turn off a wall light switch.

Help us help the pups in Indiana! Take our Earth Hour Challenge by clicking here.

(Dog and volunteer photo courtesy of the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue.)

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  1. Aww.that poor puppy with the bandaged leg broke my heart


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