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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Help your dog be more green and healthy in 2012!

There's no better time than the New Year to make a commitment to being more green and healthy!

And the best part is it doesn't have to be difficult. By doing little things you can make a big difference in the life of your dog and you!

Here are just a few of our top 5 things you can do in 2012 to have a healthier, happier pup and help the environment at the same time!

Take a hike, literally!

Get out there and enjoy our great, green Earth! Taking a walk, or a hike, with your best bud is not only good for your dog's health, but good for yours too! It can also really help maintain your and your dog's weight and physical fitness, as well as help your dog with boredom related behavior issues.

Just be sure to avoid contaminated areas, like chemically treated golf courses, retention ponds that harbor lawn chemicals, contaminated rivers and streams in farming country; and stick with your local and national parks where chemicals and treatments are banned. Also during the winter take care to avoid salted roads and walkways, and take extra precautions when it's colder outside.

It will be healthier and safer for both of you!

Clean up your water.

Water is a very important element to a dog's life and to yours. So resolve this year to clean up your water.

Take the time to research drinking water filtering systems that take out the bad stuff; install a filtering system on your shower and dog bathing area; investigate ways you can treat your swimming pools without chlorine and other damaging chemicals; and install a water filter on your outside faucet.
By cleaning up your water your are minimizing the damaging chemicals in your life and your dog's, for a happier, healthier life.

Go organic and healthy for you and your environment.

Look for more organic options for your dog's diet and for yours! By minimizing the unneeded and unhealthy antibiotics and hormones from you and your dog's meats, as well as pesticides, herbicides and and insecticides from your shared fruits and vegetables you can eat the way food was meant to be eaten, wholesome, fresh, and real.

Real food is much healthier and can minimize disease!

Clean it up the healthy, safe way.

Make an effort to clean up the other chemicals in your home and environment, inside and outside!

Look into healthier cleaning options, organic lawn care and more to create a more healthy environment and minimize your and your dog's exposure to unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals.

Give back.

Part of being a green dog, or even a green dog parent, is giving back to your environment, your community, to your friends and family, and to those in need.
Resolve to do something kind for someone each and every week - that's 52 acts of kindness and giving back! Just imagine if everyone in the World did something nice for someone just once a week, how it could build more community, and kindness and generosity in the World. In these tough times all people and animals need a little more help in their lives. So Paw it Forward!

These are just a few tips to help. You can visit our Learn to Be Green section an find more tips and information! We at Raise A Green Dog hope you have an amazingly healthy, green and happy 2012!

If you have ideas on how to make you and your dog's new year, healthier and greener, feel free to leave your thoughts in our comment section and share them with everyone!


  1. Great tips, thank you! I especially love the invitation to hike. I have a few new year doggie resolutions of my own at

    Keep on wagging,

  2. Great tips! I noticed a lot of popular doggie designers/manufacturers are going green- (like Paul Frank). It's great to see the movement is finally picking up in almost every industry.

  3. Great post, and great ideas! Thanks for drawing attention to the importance of pet-friendly lawn care. There are enough things to worry about when your pet is outside; you don’t need your lawn to be one of them, especially if you have a dog that spends a lot of time out in the yard. Using environmentally- and pet-friendly products will protect your dog AND the earth; it’s a win-win!

    -Tricia Stanton

  4. Love this post. I currently feed my dogs premium kibble but have decided to add fresh veggies and meat. They both have health issues so I am hoping this new diet will reduce them.

    Leah Smith

  5. Thanks for all the great tips. I have been feeding my dogs organic human grade "crock pot" creations for a year now. I can tell a huge difference in skin and coat. Less waste in the yard and just all around healthier dogs!

  6. We are working toward a more natural home for our pets! We've began using all natural cleaning products! I believe this will help us all be healthier in the long run!!

  7. The tips were really of great help. I'll definitely take note of this and apply this at home to make sure my pet is healthy and happy all the time.

  8. I'm glad that even in pets are included in the green campaign. It is good for our pets because we treat them as a part of our family. Why not, they give happiness in our life and also they can take away our stress.

  9. Good tips! I also recommend using the most all natural flea killers and other medications as possible. Who knows what those chemicals do to dogs over time!


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