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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Washington Post features Raise A Green Dog in email to subscribers!

The Washington Post recently featured Raise A Green Dog in an email newsletter to their PostPoint subscribers.

Written by Jura Koncius, TWP reporter, we are pleased to present the article below reprinted with permission from The Washington Post. Visit TWP's Home & Garden section for lots of great (and green) tips and info for your life and environment!

Many dog owners who live the green lifestyle have also taken measures to reduce their pet's carbon pawprint.

The Web is a great source of information about how respecting the environment can lead to a healthier and happier dog. The authors of the Web site and blog are focused on providing timely, useful information on earth friendly pet care. Pet owners have a lot of choices regarding their pet's food, supplies, toys, health care and the place where they live.

Living an eco-friendly life with a focus on pets affects the selection of your sidewalk de-icer in the winter, as well as what product you use to clean your floors.

A recent Raise A Green Dog blog post addressed the safety of drinking water for pets. Here are some of the very important issues raised in the blog that you might not have considered.

Use filtered tap water for your pet's water bowls. They suggest a product that filters out chlorine and fluoride. Do not serve them distilled water.

Don't use reuse old plastic water bottles to refill the bowl - they may leach chemicals into the water. Using a stainless steel reusable water bottle is the best choice.

Replace plastic bowls with stainless steel bowls, which won't develop cracks that can harbor bacteria.

On walks, don't allow your puppy to drink from potentially harmful puddles, ponds or streams, which could be contaminated with unhealthy bacteria and viruses.

Keep bowls clean and filled. You can wash the bowls with a combination of hot water and vinegar, rinsing thoroughly.

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