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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's National Holistic Pets Day: A great day to help celebrate healthy dogs!

Happy National Holistic Pets Day!

Founded by Colleen Paige of Animal Miracle Foundation, National Holistic Pets Day is a great day to celebrate helping your dog be the healthiest and happiest they can be!

But what is holistic? And how can it help my dog? We believe holistic means caring for and treating the whole living being, their life, their health and their relationship to their environment.

To us that means taking preventative care to help your dog live a healthier, happier life by taking measures of healthy eating and healthy living; and creating a fun, happy, entertaining and engaging life for the mind.

To celebrate this special day, we wanted to share with you some of our most important tips to help your dog have a greener, healthier life and environment; and learn to live holistically like we do:

You are what you eat! And that goes for dogs too. Eating a good healthy, wholesome diet is one of the most important holistic paths you can practice with your dog. Learn more about healthier eating, the food options available and what's right for your dog!

Water is one of the most important elements to your dog's health and life. Learn about how you can keep your dog's water the safest it can be!

Your dog spends a lot of time playing and having fun in your yard. Learn how you can make your dog's domain the safest and healthiest it can be through organic lawn and garden care!

What goes in, must come out! Learn how you can reduce your dog's environmental and carbon pawprint by learning the proper ways to dispose of the doo.

Remember, part of being holistic is having a positive and loving outlook on life; so get out there and celebrate this special day with your dog! Take a nice hike, a fun walk around the park, teach them a trick or two, or play a fun game together; and remember to always have fun with your best friend!

You can learn more about how to help your dog be greener and healthier in the Learn To Be Green Section of our website, as well as sniff out pawsome healthy and green products from our Raise A Green Dog Partners! And don't furget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on updates, discussions, info and more; to help your dog be the healthiest he or she can be!

And have a great National Holistic Pets Day!

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  1. These are great tips! Properly disposing of dog poo is such an important and easy way to reduce the carbon footprint.


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