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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great site to find good for you food and treats, shipped right to your dooor!

We posted about this on our companion blog,, yesterday and thought it was definitely worth sharing with our Green Dog readers too!

Lately we've been using a new company to purchase our cat litter, some cat food and kibble for training; and we were very excited to find them.

Petflow has an amazing selection of super high quality cat and dog foods, cat litters, treats and a few other staples. And they have all the great foods that we like, other than raw of course. They have Fromm, Orijen, Halo, Stella & Chewey's, Honest Kitchen, Go!, Taste of the Wild and lots more! And they have our favorite cat litter, too, World's Best Cat Litter.

We have several requirements when we price and shop compare. Is the quality what we require? Is the customer service, A+? Can we save money? Are we supporting small and/or local business? Are we reducing our carbon pawprint?

Since we've moved to the Mountains of Tennessee it's very difficult for us to find many dog and cat staples, and we have to travel over two hours both ways to stock up once a week. So when we found PetFlow we were very excited because it met all of our criteria, saving us a lot of time, money, gas and wear and tear on the car. Since we don't have a local business to support we are glad to support a new and innovative small pet business.

Our first shipment was cat food and cat litter, weighing in at a whopping 45 lbs. And we got it all with free shipping! If we would have purchased that amount of product at that weight from any other online shop it would have been so cost prohibitive. Yesterday we got another shipment of cat staples and it was free too!

It's a scheduled delivery service, so you need to order and set up subsequent deliveries. But you are locked into the shipping price for however long you are signed up for regular shipments.

Right now Petflow has an offer on their site that you can get free shipping if you purchase $65.00 or more and sign up for scheduled deliveries. And we've heard this offer is going to last all week. Otherwise the shipping is just $4.95 for all that you order, which is still super inexpensive. Cool huh?

Definitely worth a look in our opinion.


  1. I feed my dog with raw food but I would like to change to ready made dog food. What brand of dog food do you suggest?

  2. Hi Nicole...thanks for barking in!

    Feeding raw food is pawsome! There are some great raw packaged foods that may be more convenient for you, but will be a bit more expensive.

    Here is a post we did on food...the best thing is to do your research to find the best food for your pup. Hope that helps!

    Woofs, Johann


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