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Friday, December 10, 2010

Last minute handmade gifts for the green dog!

Can't decide what to get your Green Dog this Holiday season?

Why not make something out of stuff you have around the house? Here are some great green dog handmade gift ideas...

- Tutorial on how to make a fabulous pet bed using scraps of fabric you just may have lying around the house.

- Pawsome instructions for making a rope dog toy over at Instructables. To make it much more green, try using some very tough, very green hemp rope!

- Check out these instructions on using some of the safe and healthy tennis balls you have around your home and create a pawsome dog toy!

- If you've got more safe and healthy tennis balls lying's a fun game your green dog will love, I sure do!

- Here's another great green idea! If you've got lots of those awful plastic bags around, make a durable dog leash!

- Read my former blog post '21 Great Ideas for an Old Towel.'It includes a toy!

- A fun interactive dog toy you can make with an old plastic container; just make sure it's BPA free, K?

- Is it treats your dog is begging for? Here's a great page we made on my favorite Homemade Dog Treats! Oh, and don't furget the Doggie Eggnog!

- Here's a quick fun dog toy, that my sis, Gracie, just loves! Take an old wool or durable long sock, insert a used small water bottle, tie the end with something safe, and you've got a super cool crunch toy!

- One more idea...make a great tug toy out of repurposed pants (or some say, trousers). If you use old jeans, it's gonna be pretty tough!

Happy Green Keeping!!!

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