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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cranimals to sponsor Raise A Green Dog at BarkWorld Expo...enter to win some 'good stuff'!

We are so excited!!! One week from today we will be in Atlanta for the weekend at BarkWorld Expo, August 20-22. If you haven't heard about BarkWorld, you have to go check it out!

The super cool part is that we've teamed up with the great folks at Cranimals - makers of the healthy, green, whole food supplements and functional biscuits for our upcoming trip!

But the very best part is Gracie (my sis) and I will be handing out some yummy samples of their pawsome products at the event. And that's not all!!!

From today until midnight, ET, August 24th you have a chance to win one of three nice little gift packs of Cranimals Supplements and ZenDog Biscuits just by doing a few little fun things!

All you have to do to enter is:

  • Friend Cranimals on Facebook (but be sure and leave a comment on this blog post so we'll know you friended Cranimals, or you won't receive an entry to win, K?).
You can also earn more entries by:
  • Leaving a comment with this blog post telling us why you are just begging to get your paws on a Cranimal gift pack (one entry), and by;
  • Friending Raise A Green Dog on Facebook (one more entry)

That means you have three opportunities to enter! Just leave us a comment on this post that you friended Cranimals and/or RAGD on FB and leave your email address too, so we can get in touch with you if you are a big winner! When I get back from BarkWorld, I'll be drawing out three winners from the entries (one winner per prize pack, please :).

The gift packs will include a package of your choice of Cranimals organic, healthy and tasty supplements, and a full size package of organic ZenDog Biscuits (which I have to say from experience are very tasty). Their ZenDog Biscuits were recently awarded the Editors Choice Award from Pet Product News International.

Their Cranimals supplements are created from antioxidant super foods like cranberries, red raspberries, and blueberries, and with vegan DHA Omega 3 extracted from algae. Very healthy!

We got to test them out not too long ago, and loved them! All of their products are made with wholesome, healthy ingredients, organic and have no artificial yucky stuff...just right for a green, or aspiring green dog.

So what are you waiting for! Be sure and enter, and if you're in the Atlanta area next weekend, stop by and say hi to me and Gracie, and pick up a super yummy treat!


  1. What a fun event! I wish we had something like this here in Albuquerque!

    If you have a free moment, I just posted a funny video of my dog on my blog. Stop by if you get a chance! :)

    I'm not quite sure Pica and Biscuit are "green" dogs. I am going to have to look into this :)

  2. Whoops! 1 more thing. I friended both pages on Facebook. At least, I think I did. Is "like" the same as "friend"? I didn't see anything on either page for friend.

  3. hey Johann - we've friended you on FB a long time ago, but we will go friend Cranimals right now. we would like to try those cookies. we like all kinds of berry stuff. Have fun in Atlanta!
    your pals, Morgan & maisie

  4. I just read that Cranimal supplements are good for dogs with kidney disease! My Newfoundland was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a few months ago and since then we've been looking for ways to boost his system without loading up on protein. Looks like Cranimals might help him out!
    -Robin and Foyle

  5. Hey - Love the Barkworld Expo - but unfortunately we'll be up there the following week for a dog show. Love being introduced and friending Cranimals thru your blog and hope to earn a Gift pack - "beggin to get our paws on a gift pack"!!! We have been following and sharing RAGD and love it! Our GSP is on a raw diet - so we love hearing about this awesome Cranimals!! Thanks bunches for all you do in sharing "Green"! I'm also eco-friendly in my real estate business! Have fun in Atlanta!! Look forward to posts of the success of the expo! Dena Calivas and Bella Stardust!

  6. Hey Johann - Charlie Cranimals asked us to be friends on FB. You gonna meet Charlie in Atlanta? Tell him we said HI!
    your pals, M&M

  7. I love your blog, follow you on twitter and now also on Facebook. I did not know about Cranimals until I read your blog post. I have also followed Cranimals on Facebook. Thanks for sharing!

    Sadie and Rusty would love to try the Craminal cookies, paws crossed.

  8. Thanks for sharing about cranimals - going to give them a go! I'm aspiring to take my dog "green" he helped out when he accidentally stumbled upon a new fave snack - egg shells :D

  9. Hi Johann, that is very cool you get to the BarkWorld Expo. We just Friended Cranimals and Raise A Green Dog on Facebook.

    My mom has been interested in trying the Cranimals Zen Dog treats for me - I think she read about them on your blog. I get nervous sometimes in new situations and especially at the V-E-T!


  10. I just friended "Raise a Green Dog" on Facebook AND Twitter!! BOL

  11. I just friended Cranimals on Facebook AND Twitter! BOL

  12. Hi Johann!

    Lily and BJ here! My mom would love to give us some Cranimals. But we don't seem to be able to find them around here. Not yet anyway-- one pet store says they might start carrying them if they get enough interest in them. I'm still a Nervous Nelly but BJ's getting better. We try hard 'cause we want to make Mom happy. :) And also 'cause the ahrder we try and get it right, the more treats Mom gives us! BOL

    Luv, Us
    (Lily and BJ)

  13. I have been friend of RAGD on fb and am now friends of Cranimals on FB! I would love to win this prize pack for one of my dogs that has nodular dermatofibrosis. This rare cancer is attacking her kidneys. Her kidneys are full of cysts which are, thank God, not cancerous. She has to eat a low protein diet. I try to feed her only things that are good for her. Thank you for this wonderful contest!

    Trish and Nubbin
    forksknives at hotmail dot com

  14. I just friended Cranimals! Can't wait for my dog to try these out!

  15. My mom became a fan of both Cranimals and Raise A Green Dog on Facebook and we would love to win the Cranimals prize. I haven't tried them yet!

    Yoda and Nancy
    Nancy dot Heltman at GMAIL dot com

  16. That sounded like it would have been a fun event. Are you doing anything like this again in the future? If so I would love to hear about it. Next year you should include a soft dog crates as part of your prize packs.


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