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Friday, January 8, 2010

What does a green dog do with old towels? Here are 21 great ideas!

Mum and I were thinking the other night about towels. Old towels. You know, the ones that have the hem torn, have a hole in 'em, are starting to get just a little too thin.

If you're like us you have several around the house. But what do you do with all those old towel?

We've got lots of ideas! So, the other night Mum and I put our noggins together and made a big ole list...a list of the top 21 things a green dog can do with an old towel, clean ones that is.

Are you ready? Here goes!
  1. Put them on the floor at the back door to soak up the mud and wet

  2. Tie a knot in both ends and you've got a great tug toy

  3. Wipe down a wet green dog - after rain, swimming or a bath

  4. Teach your dog to fold up a towel for a fun trick

  5. Wrap somewhat snugly around a dog with anxiety or stress, it may calm them a bit

  6. Cut up an old towel and use as rags with a green cleaner to clean up the yucky spots

  7. Wipe off those dirty paws before coming into the house

  8. Cut up in strips lengthwise and braid into a dog tug toy

  9. Teach your dog to grab a corner and roll up in it like a blanket

  10. Donate some old towels to your local animal shelter, they could really use them

  11. Keep some old towels in your car for clean up after trips hiking or to the dog park

  12. Teach your dog to load a towel into your dryer for drying as a fun trick, then fold them and put away

  13. Cut up an old towel and secure it to your old mop or Swiffer to get up all the dog hair

  14. A not so worn or dirty old towel could have a brand new life as a dog coat, all you need is a pattern and sewing ability

  15. Teach your dog to go mat for a fun trick...but use an old towel instead

  16. Thicker old towels would make a great material to make a quick and easy dog bootie

  17. Use old towels to restuff a fallen dog bed, or make a new bed cover from old sheets and stuff away with old towels

  18. If you're older dog is having trouble walking you can loop a towel under their belly and hold the ends up to help them along

  19. Put an old towel under your dog's water and food bowl to sop up any mess

  20. Soak a towel in cool water and wrap around your dog's belly to cool them down on a hot day

  21. Cut an old towel and sew into a square, add in rice for heating in the microwave and you've got a great heating pad for your pup. You can also make one that will hold ice for an ice pack

Wow, that's 21...we could have gone on furever! Got an idea for reusing an old towel for your dog? Add 'em in the comments for everyone.


  1. Unbelievable how much option we have to use an old towel! Most people just throw them into the dustbin. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Number 10 can go a long way. You can also throw the old towel on the floor so that when we're done with our bath, we can roll in it at our leisure.

  3. I use them to dry off the dog, cut up for cleaning rags, and cut them up to make braided dog toys. With all of the snow we got yesterday I came up with another use for old towels - extra inside doormats!

  4. Your dog breaks and un-stuffs a lot of soft squeaky toys? Cut up towel in small squares and use parts as stuffing. Sowing it back up til the next attack. Same can be done with old Jeans and T-shirts.

    OR You can make your own Wubba Toy. Cut 2 inch wide strap along length of towel. Lay towel flat. Insert squeaky tennis ball in center. Fold towel over it. wrap towel around ball. Sow or wrap 2 inch strap up close to ball and voila...a cheap squeaker you can throw and there is your own Wubba Dog Toy...

    OR you can make a Squeaky Blanket.
    Get some squeakers. Fold towel in half. Place Squeakers strategically within. Sow up in squares around squeakers.

    OR Make it your emergency evacuation towel. During an emergency you can use towel for dog and/ yourself. There it can be used to keep it in the crate, as a makeshift toy, over the crate to keep pet calm, to keep pet warm or cool, to wipe messes, ripped in strips for bandaging, etc

  5. Here's a link to a site that shows you how to make a pet bed & tug-of-war rope with old towels:


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