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Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving back this Holiday season!

One of the biggest beliefs we have about being green, is giving back to those less fortunate!

See that little shelter below? That's where I was staying at the Southside Animal Shelter when I first met my Mum the day she adopted me.

I was there with my biological Mum, and my four brothers and sisters. My sisters were adopted first, then Mum saw the pic below of me and my brother on, and she immediately jumped in the car and drove the hour to the shelter and adopted me on the spot.

The rest is history....

Throughout the year, we gather up any profits we make through our blogs and websites, and then donate 10% of those profits to a no-kill rescue or shelter.

This year, we've taken that a step further. As part of Johann's Second Annual Howling Howliday Giveaway, we decided to provide a way for those that have supported us throughout the year to donate to the very same shelter that gave me my second chance - the Southside Animal Shelter.

If it weren't for these nice folks in Indianapolis, I wouldn't have my furever, wonderful, green home...and wouldn't be able to bring you all the helpful, green information that we do each week.

We set a goal of $500 to help the Southside Animal Shelter, and have only reached a little over 25% of our goal so far.

Can you help? Just a few $$ would go a long way in helping this shelter rescue and find loving, furever homes for some pawsome pups - just like they did for me.

If you can spare a on the donate button below. I know that the pups at the Southside Animal Shelter will be forever grateful!

If you'd like to donate through PayPal directly to Southside, click here for their donation page...and make sure you tell 'em Johann sent ya :)

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  1. you know, even if you are not in the contest,the information obtained in this website and johann the is worth a generous contribution to Johann's former shelter. So, gets the lead out people!
    That's what we think, anyhow.
    your pals M&M


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