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Friday, November 13, 2009

Make your own dog holiday stocking!!!'s getting close! Almost time for the holidays. Lots to do, lots to get ready. So why not start early?

One of the main events for our holidays is putting up the decorations, and of course my own holiday stocking, and Gracie's, Wolfie's and Wiggy's too. We like to supervise all the activity.

Just watching those stockings getting hung on our fireplace gets me all excited with anticipation of digging into my stocking on Christmas morn'. Mum always has some homemade yummy's in there!

It's much more fun to make your own, and personalize your dog's stocking, so here are some great ideas from our 'make your own' series:' Make a cool doggie holiday stocking from reused items, holiday decorations, clothing and more, you've got around the house!
  • A great tutorial to make a holiday stocking from old jeans. Just doggie it up with some bone, paw, and other doggie related cutouts.
  • Love this cute little bone shaped stocking! Just use some old felt or stiff material you have around the home, and spice it up with small re-used holiday ornaments, doggie bones, and more.
  • Got an old dog coat that's showing some wear, or an old human coat that's seen better days? Make it into a cool doggie paw stocking for your pup this holiday season!
Have fun! And if you make one, feel free to share it on our Facebook page, we, and all our RAGD readers, would love to see it!


  1. Woof! I'm going to ask my mommy to make me one.

  2. Great ideas! I had to share your stocking ideas on two of my blogs!

  3. Hi Blitzkrieg here!

    My mom got a Christmas stocking one year that had Scooby Doo on it. When I came to live with her and my Dad, they gave it to me because it's the same size as the stockings they already had. Now all three of us have Christmas stockings for Santa to fill!

    My mom uses strips of scrap fleece to make braided chew toys for me and my dog cousin Chopper. Chopper destroys all of his toys, even the ones for heavy chewers. His mom says our fleece dog chew toys are the only thing that lasts more than a couple of days around Chopper. I however, am a very good dog, and don't kill my toys so my mom uses her scrap fleece and cloth to make me blankets! Chopper doesn't get new blankets, he eats those too.

  4. I love the stocking with the doggie paw print, I'm going to have a go at making that one.

    Isn't it great to see the variety of wonderful gifts there are for our dogs? My four dogs are my family, and I love having something under the Christmas tree for them.


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