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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall/Winter dog stew treat!

It's starting to get cold outside! After a a good Fall hike, a nice romp and fetch in the snow, a little sledding with the family; who doesn't want to come home to a nice pot of stew.

I know I do!!!

So Mum and I thought we'd share a couple of our recipes for a Fall/Winter stew treat. It's not a substitute for our regular breakfast or dinner, but a super nice warming up kinda of treat, and very healthy!


Marrow Stew

I love raw marrow bones. I'm lucky that I get some raw marrow bones on occasion to enjoy a good chew. Did you know that the marrow in those bones contains some pawsome health benefits? They are an excellent source of amino acids and essential fatty acids. So we like to call this one - Marrow Stew!


Marrow bones (we get our marrow bones from Whole Foods, or you can use chicken or turkey parts, necks are good!)

2 cups brown rice (pre-cooked)

A nice handful of each:

Green Beans




2 tablespoons olive oil

Water (filtered is best!)


Cut the vegetables into chunk sized pieces. Put all the ingredients into a big 'ole stainless steel pot and fill with filtered water to cover. Cook on low heat for a couple of hours.

Once cooked, remove the bones and extract the marrow and add back into the stew. Then throw out the bones, 'cause cooked bones aren't good for us pups!

Pour into a stainless steel bowl and you've got a great Fall stew.

And you can add a dollop of pure pumpkin puree, we love that!

Chicken Stew

Here's another one of our favorites, 'cause we love chicken:


Whole chicken

Nice big handfuls of coarsely chopped:


Sweet potato


Yellow squash

Green beans

And any other veggies you'd like that are healthy for us pups (but be sure and do your research, not all veggies are good for us!).

You can add in a cup of brown rice if you'd like too - cook it first, then add.

Water - filtered is best!


Add all the ingredients to a big stainless steel pot, and add enough water to cover everything. Bring to a boil, then simmer for a couple of hours. We like to add the veggies about an hour in, so that they aren't cooked to death, and carry more nutrition.BOL!!!

After it's all cooked, let it cool a bit, then remove the chicken and debone it ('cause, remember, cooked bones aren't good for us dogs!

Once you have all the chicken deboned, throw it back into the pot, and serve!

You can freeze these little stew treats for later. Remember this isn't a replacement for our regular meals, but a nice treat and addition to our breakfast or dinner, and we think your pawrents will like it too - both are great Fall/Winter treats you can share together!


  1. Sounds tasty! Thanks for the recipe! I will try to make it one of these cold winter days!

  2. wow, yummy doggie meals! I'd love to put this on our website www.TJ.LA and link to your website. Please email me directly if you'd be interested! (


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