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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A couple of great green dog resourses!

Learning how to raise a green dog is an ongoing process for us - new products to investigate, new research to read and learn, new ideas and information that trusted experts share. So how do we keep up?

One thing we do is read! There are two magazines that we subscribe to religiously to keep up with the latest information. One of them is Animal Wellness Magazine. In business for 10 years, they have a wealth of information in their magazine, everything from safer and healthier foods, to complimentary medicines, approved products, to training methods and issues, and much more. Definitely worth a look. And you can save a tree and get the digital subscription (six issues for one year) for only $12.00!

The other staple in our magazine library is Whole Dog Journal. The preeminent resource for raising a green, heathy dog. Subscriptions are $20.00 for 13 issues. Each year, Whole Dog Journal features their ""Top Dog Foods for Total Wellness" a very comprehensive review of popular dog foods (not to be missed). In addition the journal features articles relating to all things health, wellness, behavior, training, environment and much more.

Belvoir Media Group, LLC The Whole Dog Journal Subscription for Dogs

Happy reading!

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