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Friday, July 24, 2009

Checking out K9 Yard Patch!

The nice folks at K9 Yard Patch sent us a bag of their new lawn seed that's amazingly safe for pups.

What we've discovered over the past few years, is that a lot of grass seed that you may purchase from your local garden shop is coated seed.

And what's it coated with? Many times it's coated with bad stuff, like chemical fertilizers, urines and other chemicals which are designed to help it germinate more quickly and deter the birds from eating it. But many of these coated seeds are bad for us pups. Because you know us pups, we'll put pretty much anything in our mouths, and sometimes what the seed is coated with may be the exact thing that encourages us to eat it.

But the K9 Yard Patch is completely uncoated, and it's mixed with 100% organic gypsum, which they say helps neutralize the PH of the soils where you may be repairing a high traffic 'pee' spot, and it helps the seed retain more moisture to help it germinate more quickly.

Gypsum is a mineral compound found in the earth. It's also used and spread on lawns to strengthen soil weakened by too much clay. We've used Gypsum on our lawn to help break up some of the areas in our backyard where there is very heavy clay, and Gracie and I haven't had the slightest bit of interest in it.

One bag of their K9 Yard Patch covers 250 square feet of damaged area. They also have this patch for any region of the US to repair lawn and turf that is damaged by dog urine, salt, disease, heavy traffic, or just plain neglect.

It's July here in Indiana where we live, and not the best time to repair spots in our lawn. But you can bet we will be spreading the K9 Yard Patch around come this fall to repair some spots in our yard!

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