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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Calculate your carbon pawprint!

We found this cool little carbon footprint calculator and wanted to share it with you!

With this tool you can calculate your carbon footprint (or in the case of us dogs, pawprint :) from transportation, housing, food, goods and services....everything you consume! Compare yourself to others in your city, region, or to households with similar size and income. And play around with it to see how reductions of your usage can effect the life of the environment.

(Note: We've installed a small version on the side of our blog, so come back anytime and test out your pawprint!)


  1. Awesome to see. I wasn't aware my carbon footprint was so high, and higher than the national average. Good thing I'm moving to a city where I won't need my car anymore.

    with my new daughter though, it might go up a bit as diapers have a big impact on the environment

  2. i love that now we can calculate how to make even our pets eco friendly. thanks for this posting.


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