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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you Stonyfield Farm!

I'm feeling so lucky today!

yesterday, we got a cool gift bag from one of my favorite green companies, Stonyfield Farm, the makers of my favorite yogurt in the universe (lowfat plain of course :)

On Earth Day last week, we participated in a pretty cool project called #earthtweet. #earthtweet is a way to share environmental news with the Twitterverse. Participating was super easy. We tweeted a Green Dog tip every hour, and added in our #hashtag. It was fun sharing tips with all the like minded green folks! Have to say, I think I was the only dog tweeting tips, BOL!!

Before we knew it, we found out we had won a super cool gift bag from Stonyfield Farm and #earthtweet for this Twitter tweet:

"#earthtweet An organic lawn is a safer, healthier lawn for you & your aspiring green dog! Learn how: #earthday"

Well, yesterday our gift bag arrived, and dog were we excited! Not only did we get some super cool free coupons for Oikos Greek Yogurt (another one of my favs), but we also got a very neat reusable drawstring tote, a reusable SIGG like bottle, a cool kitchen mitt (for when Mum bakes me those yummy treats), and a Preserve toothbrush (just the right size for my sis Gracie :), all of this wrapped up in a reusuable tote, perfect for our training classes.

Thank you so much Stonyfield and #earthtweet, we sure do appreciate the gifts!


  1. Hi, I work for the company TerraCycle (the worm poop company) and we are currently adding to our all natural fertilizers and cleaners to now also include our pet line. All of which is packaged in old soda bottle and end run spray caps. Obviously I thought this would be a perfect forum for you and your readers to discuss also i thought this would be a great tie in for you since we work with Stonyfield yogurt by collecting all of their yogurt cups. Anyway I would love to send you our line for a possible product review.
    Thanks so much,

  2. That's so cool! I like to carry a big reusable water bottle and dish with me when I go to the park with Blitzkrieg. That way we can share the water in the water bottle and neither of us gets overheated or generate extra waste doing it.

  3. I plan to follow that tweet listed ASAP. Great stuff. Lawns here in Florida are real harsh to all of the dogs under my care.


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