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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New favorite toy - TPR & PTR!

I have a new favorite toy! And the best part? It's green, free, and so much fun!

What is it? It's a toilet paper roll, (and it's sister, the paper towel roll)!

In our house, we buy planet friendly TP and paper towel (we actually don't buy but a couple of rolls of paper towels a year for specific emergencies, since we really don't need them if we use old wash clothes for clean up and such.) So when these are all used up, Mum let's us at 'em!

First I ran off with it, maneuvering around the furniture with Mum playing chase behind me...we love to play chase, it's a fun game!

Then I tried to settle into a good tear up/chew session, but Mum had different plans, and decided to play tug with me, now that was the most fun!!!

Then after all the new excitement settled a bit, I finally got down to some chewing and tearing up! Ahhhh....there is just nothing better than stealing something, tearing it up and Mum letting me do it :) She let's me, because I don't swallow! That's important, shouldn't swallow stuff like this, it clogs up the pipes!

At least I didn't nab one of the full toilet paper rolls like Gracie did last year, BOL! Doesn't she look super guilty? Oops!

And if you've got a bigger pup, try out the paper towel rolls, they fit nicely!

So, what are you waiting for? Once the paper is used up, play a game with your pup!

1 comment:

  1. Our cats love playing with the empty toilet paper rolls. They also love to unravel the toilet paper!


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