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Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Spring and it's bug time!

It's showing signs of Spring at our house, thank DOG it's finally here!

I've been playing a lot more outside, doing some agility, wrestling with my sis, Gracie! Life is good!

But with Spring the bugs are coming out of hybernation and are showing themselves. Every Spring we get a few little (what I call) Roly Poly bugs - I think their real name is Pillbugs or some folks call them SnowBugs. And if we don't do something, in a few weeks they'll be taking over the first floor of our house!

So what do we do? We get out our Diatomaceous Earth!

What is Diatomaceous Earth? D-Earth is made up of fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic organisms. The razor sharp edges of this mined product scratch the exoskeletons of hard bodied insects, making them susceptible to fatal attack from natural organisms in the soil. These sharp edges cut through the insect's protective covering drying it out and killing them, and if they ingest the DE it will damage their insides, also being fatal.

It's quite an amazing product, and all we use for insect control for inside our home.

How do we use it? About this time of year when we see the first sign of a Roly Poly, Mum gets out the bag, puts a cloth over her mouth (because the dust shouldn't be inhaled and it kinda flys around when you put it down). She puts us up inside the house and sprinkles it all around the outside foundation of our home creating an all natural bug barrier!

How does it work?

It works great! Mum has only had to put the d-earth down once in the Spring for it to take care of all the potential Roly Poly's, ants and potentially dangerous spiders that may invade our favorite spots, like our crates, beds, and all over our home.

We don't, but some folks we have heard utilize the food grade DE as a way to rid fleas on your pup by sprinkling on their fur, or as a supplement to their food (about 1% of their food intake), as a way to rid their pup of internal parasites.

So if you're looking for a safe, natural way to combat the inside insects in your home, we highly recommend Diatomaceous Earth (remember it's not the same D-Earth you would use in your pool, so be sure you get the right one, K?). And the best part? It's green and inexpensive! Our one 5 lbs bag has lasted us for four years.

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