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Monday, March 23, 2009

Eating our fruits & veggies the safe way!

Us dogs, we love our fruits and veggies. Some of my favorites are apples and blueberries. My sis, Gracie, loves carrots and green beans. And we are both crazy for bananas! But not all fruits and veggies are created equal.

When my Mum buys fruits and veggies for both her and us, she buys organic. Why? Because they are safer from those nasty pesticides. Did you know that regular (non-organic) fruits and veggies you buy at the store can have those nasties in and on them? says, "organic foods are essentially free of pesticides, while nearly every type of conventional fruit and vegetable has at least one type of pesticide applied to it sometime from when the seeds are put into the ground to when they are sold. Logically then, eating organic foods rather than conventional foods will reduce your family’s exposure to pesticides."

And reducing your exposure will most certainly keep you healthier and happier, and living a longer life.

According to the Environmental Working Group, it is now well established that pesticides pose a risk to vital organ systems (in children) that continue to grow and mature from conception throughout infancy and childhood. If they affect children in this way, just imagine what they do to our little doggie bodies!

The Environmental Working Group has recently published a listing of the most contaminated fruits and veggies, and has some information about chemicals in foods. Visit their report to learn more.

Not only are organic fruits and vegetables with significantly lower levels of pesticides healthier, they are also now shown to provide higher levels of antioxidants than non organic fruits and veggies. And more antioxidants mean more health benefits.

So when you're out and about shopping for your foods, we recommend picking organic, whether it be for you or your pup, to keep you all healthier!

Here is just a small listing of some of my (and my pup friends) most favorite fruits and veggies, perfectly safe for your dog. But remember, everything in moderation K?

(And another quick tip: Mum lightly steams our veggies. Why? Because for dogs they digest much better and we can reap many more of the health benefits of our veggies).

Blueberries, Bananas, Apples (no seeds), Carrots, Green Beans, Watermelon (no seeds), Zucchini, And more!

And be sure and review the ASPCA's great list of people foods your pup's need to avoid. Happy eating!


  1. And buy things grown locally if you can!

  2. Thank you Green Idea Factory! Yes, yes, buying locally grown is great! We love going to our farmers market in the summer.

    Another good thing? Grow your own in your own organic garden, Woofs!

  3. Do NOT feed your dogs Onions, Grapes, or Raisins. Garlic and Broccoli should be extremely limited or excluded from a canine's diet.

    Most people know to not give chocolate to their canine companions, but sadly a lot of dogs suffer mis-feeding ailments that otherwise loving owners ignorantly bestow upon them.

    Please make yourselves aware of what plants are toxic to your four legged friend. Just because a dog appears to enjoy eating something does not mean it is good for them!


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