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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! We hope you're planning some special fun and lovin' for your pup today.

I'm a dog, I know what I like. So I put together a super small list of just a few no cost, green things you can do to help your dog feel extra special today. Here goes...

  • Take your pup for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Us dog's love our walks!
  • Spend some quality time snuggling with your dog, or even take a nap together (that's one of my favs).
  • Teach your dog a trick, and don't forget the treats. Us dog's love to learn.
  • Head out to the backyard and play a little tug of war, or fetch, or a good game of chase!
  • Give 'em a big, ole kiss!
  • Got some carrots or green beans in the fridge? Steam 'em up a little and give your pup a super cool treat.

And remember, always have fun!

Oh, and, click on the heart mosaic - it was created with all the photos Mum took of me and Gracie in 2008!

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