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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet Eco, the new Raise a Green Dog mascot!

We've been looking for a while now to find just the right dog to be our representative, be the face of our site, and be our happy, healthy and environmentally conscious mascot. Well, we finally found him.

Meet Eco, our newly crowned mascot for Raise A Green Dog!

Here are some little known and interesting facts about Eco:

And now he has his own line of shirts, mugs, totes, and more. Check out the cool Green Dog items below. And to see lots more, at my CafePress Shop and at my Zazzle Shop!

Don't worry, Mum, Gracie and I aren't going anywhere. Eco is going to help us out on our site and provide lots more information, tips, products and ideas to help your dog be the best Green Dog he/she can be.



Organic Dog Foods
Water, the basis of a dog's life
Dog toys, green organic and made in the USA
Green dog gear - beds, clothing, collars and more
Environmental Products: For the home, safe, healthy and happy!
Getting ready for lawn care!
Homemade Frosty Paws


  1. Eco is super cute! Love him as the new mascot for Raise a Green Dog! How cool that he has his own line of neat products too! Johann, you and your mum are genuises! This makes a great blog even greater - and is perfect for getting the message out there!

  2. Welcome, Eco! You've got a lot of good things to do!

    LarryDog, Lola (dogs) and Rosana (two-legged honorary dog)

  3. geez, Johann - Green Dog sure sounds alot like you!
    Your pal Morgan


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