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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The top 5 things you can do in 2009 to have a healthier, happier pup and help the environment at the same time!

Raise a Green Dog has been in existence for over a year now. We are so happy that 'being green' is becoming much more important to dogs and dog lovers. It's becoming so popular, in fact, that our blog was featured in both Dog Fancy and Dog World Magazines in 2008!

This past year more and more green products and services have come to market than any other year in history - thanks to many concerned dog owners and forward thinking companies.

We believe the trend will only grow and continue, more knowledge will be gained by concerned, information seeking dog lovers, and more and more pups will be helped by practicing eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable practices. And the environment will be all the better!

For our end of the year post, we thought we would highlight the five most important things you can do for you and your dog to have a healthier, happier pup in 2009. By doing just a few things you can make a big difference in the life of your dog and help the environment at the same time!


Feed your dog the best food your money can buy.

An organic raw food diet is the very best you can feed your dog, for a longer and healthier life. Other great diets include organic dehydrated raw foods, cooking for your dog, and last but not least organic kibble (but be sure and research how your source processes the kibble - the least amount of processing is always best, and no high heat to destroy all the good stuff).


Water is the basis of life.

Water, it's the most important nutrient for a dog's healthy life. And dogs need lots of it. Did you know that an animal can loose all of its fat and half of its protein and survive, but only a 10% loss of body water causes serious illness.

Since water is so important to our quality of life, the quality of our water needs to be of great concern. With reports of fluoride and chlorine in tap water, Giardia in standing puddles, salts, and lawn and farming chemicals in rivers and ponds, how do you know if your water is safe?

It's always best to filter your pups drinking water to reduce levels of chlorine and fluoride in your tap water. Use non-leaching plastic bottles to carry water for when you travel, and read more of these tips to keep your pups water safe.


Make sure your dog's toys are safe!

Us dogs, we love our toys. But not all the toys on the market are safe - with reports of lead and other chemicals in toys, be sure you seek out only toys that are safe - like organic toys, toys made in the USA, and toys made from forward thinking and concerned companies.

Or make your dog a toy from some of your old cotton towels or wool socks lying around the house. They'll have fun and you'll save money!


Keep your dog's outside environment safe.

Us dogs, we love the great outdoors. We love romping around in the yard, digging holes, eating grass, and taking our daily walks. Back in the old days a dog's environment was pretty safe - no chemicals put on the lawns, no dangerout algae deterrents put in ponds and lakes, no salts put on the roads to melt the ice.

But now chemicals are everywhere. Take steps to make your dog's environment the safest it can be. Turn your lawn into an organic chemical free lawn - and spend more time with your pup playing and fetching and running around there. Stay away from salted roads, chemical laden ponds and neighborhood areas that have been treated.

These chemicals can be dangerous and have long term, detrimental affects on your dog and his/her life. Oh, and be sure and use biodegradable poo bags when you're out and about and dispose of the poo the eco-friendly way!


Keep your dog's inside environment safe!

The inside of your house is your dog's haven, home, and where they spend the most time. But many homes have lots of chemicals around the home - from professional carpet cleaning products used to clean carpet, to floor, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, to air sanitizers and more.

Make it a goal for 2009 to rid your home of unnecessary and dangerous chemicals, for you and your dog. How? Utilize all natural and safe cleaners on your floors, kitchen, bathrooms and carpet. And vow to utilize vinegar and water to clean more of your home - it's the safest, easiest, and most economical way to clean! These all natural cleaners work great on tough grease and grime.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help your pup be healthier and happier - and help the environment at the same time! Check out my blog for lots of other green dog tips!

In 2009, we plan on revamping our blog to help you find green dog information faster and easier, so look for some changes in search capabilities. And we'll be revitalizing the look of the blog to make it more attractive and easy on the eyes.

We hope you have a safe, happy, healthy and wonderful 2009...Here's to a great green year!


Organic Dog Foods

Water, the basis of a dog's life

Dog toys, green organic and made in the USA

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Environmental Products: For the home, safe, healthy and happy! Getting ready for lawn care!

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